Friday, June 8, 2007

I Am Tired and Hungry and Totally Useless

The spring semester has two more weeks left before summer classes begin. I have literally had no time to work on CC in the past month pretty much due to extensive reading, writing, researching, more reading on top of the daily grind. I stayed up last night working on CC for a short while however, just so I don't become lazy again. I seriously hope my summer class is not as intense so I can get some animation done.

At any rate, Act 3 is looking really good so far. I've got about 18 seconds of animation done on it (or whatever the previous post says) and it's top notch animated quality. Not to say the first two acts are poorly animated, but there has been significant improvements between acts; it simply gets more awesome as the movie continues. No doubt my first year at art school has actually taught me some versatile techniques and that is what is making CC look more and more polished every day.

There are still no plans for release but I hope to do some promo work when that time nears. I know everyone is complaining about how long it's taking for me to crank this movie out it will truly be a spectacle to see. Everyone is like "it's 2007 where is it" blah blah and "why did you make the trailer if it's not a real movie" and stuff. To those people I say this: it's worth the wait.