Friday, September 21, 2007

Even if it Kills Me

So fall is quickly approaching and the semester is in full force. The leaves will soon begin to change colors and fall to the ground as they eventually begin to die as the weather grows cold. However this is not the case for Cosmic Chase! Granted I have negative amounts of time to work on it these days as I have school projects to focus on. I plan to make an animated music video for my 2D animation class so I will be working on that feverishly until it's completed before the semester ends in December. Depending on filesize and whatnot when it's finished, I'd like to post it on Nushift so you can all check it out. It's going to be drawn in Flash and composited in After Effects and whatever else I decide to use. The backgrounds will be done in Photoshop and I'm working on doing some 3D models to animate and save time on drawing. This is just what I'm thinking so I may or may not end up doing this in the long run.

Since the class is about After Effects, I'm hoping to make it as commercial as possible and really blend the lines between Flash and production quality film. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I'd like to post some screenshots of this video as I begin to work on it as well as showcase some CC shots.

I'll finish CC eventually...even if it kills me.