Friday, September 21, 2007

Even if it Kills Me

So fall is quickly approaching and the semester is in full force. The leaves will soon begin to change colors and fall to the ground as they eventually begin to die as the weather grows cold. However this is not the case for Cosmic Chase! Granted I have negative amounts of time to work on it these days as I have school projects to focus on. I plan to make an animated music video for my 2D animation class so I will be working on that feverishly until it's completed before the semester ends in December. Depending on filesize and whatnot when it's finished, I'd like to post it on Nushift so you can all check it out. It's going to be drawn in Flash and composited in After Effects and whatever else I decide to use. The backgrounds will be done in Photoshop and I'm working on doing some 3D models to animate and save time on drawing. This is just what I'm thinking so I may or may not end up doing this in the long run.

Since the class is about After Effects, I'm hoping to make it as commercial as possible and really blend the lines between Flash and production quality film. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I'd like to post some screenshots of this video as I begin to work on it as well as showcase some CC shots.

I'll finish CC eventually...even if it kills me.


Anonymous said...

Why! >_< Why wont you finish! If you have so many darn projects, take a break like a normal person would and finish it! If it's summer 2008 and the video isn't done yet, I would have lost all hope for you.T_T

Jeff said...

Seeing as my degree depends on these school projects to get finished, I don't see how I can take a break from them.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean when you say you're bombarded with work but even i find some (though it may not be a lot) spare time. I know you probably dont want to spend your free time working on CC rather than chilling with friends but's taking a really long time

Anonymous said...

Its good to see that even tho people are constantly bitching about it your still making the effort to finish.
keep up the hard work.

Take revenge : Shit on a pidgeon.

Norman said...

gee. the first guy knows how to give encouragement. little prick.

Anyways, you're doing better than i could have ever handled school. I would have gone insane by now(i have gone insane before due to getting summer school along with like 100 pages of work a day) :P Hope you make it past school! =]

Anonymous said...

I hope your managing to cope with all your work ok, also i think if finishing CC kills you, it wouldnt be that good for you :p (might be good for some people so they can finally see CC) but take your time, you say its almost ready, you cannot rush perfection ;) from the trailer I'd say you're doing brilliantly, keep up the great work. I know that music in the trailer, from the old bleech intro? :D thats a great show. Anyway, good luck!

Sonicboom said...

hey. dont rush it. we (well i guess only a few) much rather wait till 2008 summer then you drop out of school from being over whelmed. just take your time, i much rather see a great movie in 2008 then tomorrow see a crappy movie even a 2 year old could make. keep it up and adventuly you get it done.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up man. Probably gonna be the best flash cartoon made, period, judging from the trailer. You know you're doing the right thing, just stay on that path.

Kris the Hedgehog said...

man, how long i must wait for this? Trailer is sweet, but this is only trailer. listen, YOU MUST SUBMIT SONIC X COSMIC CHASE, YOU MUST DO IT

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope it's gonna be the best flash ever because it's been 2 years now. Did you forget about it or you just let down the project?

NeoShadow said...

Wow. Chris the Hedgehog is REALLY compassionate.

Anonymous said...

Lolz, Sonic is in Brawl. :)

Delayed Feb 10th 2008.

Anonymous said...

Jeff this is really pathetic. One i have a couple of things to say.

1. The trailer said coming summer 2006. Correct me if i am wrong but has summer 06 not passed already. Even if it was a typo summer 07 has passed already too. So it should be finished by now. It's going on summer 08. PATHETIC! You still had summer 06 and 07 to work on it. So don't make a crappy excuse like school work.

2. I'm sure you have seen the nazo trilogy on newgrounds or youtube. How is that he finishes a trilogy before you you even though both of you have started around the same time and you were only working on one movie.
3. How is it that u keep making all these weird comments like my school work is getting in the way of CC. You should have known that school work was going to affect it before just GUESSING a deadline.


5. Why'd u spend ure time making a crappy music video called Shadow's and Regrets when you could've spent ure time working on CC and updating it's progress that the publics been waiting on.

Very disappointing. You have talent yes thats undeniably true (unless CC turns out to look horibble and crappy) you are lazy and a little bit of a liar too. I'm not stereotyping you becuase what I'm saying are merely the facts whether you like them or not.

Coriff said...

Jeff will finish CC when he finishes CC. He has three of the largest time consumers:
1. Full time work. That's 40 hours/week right there.
2. College. Nearly another 40 hours if not more including all the homework and projects.
3. A lady friend. I can't really gauge that one but let's say ~20 hours/week.
Let's throw in another 20 or so for him having a social life, going out with friends, seein a movie, w/e.

Ok, so that's 80 hours. Now let's give him 8 a night for the recommended amount of sleep. 8 x 7 = 56. Ok then 80 + 56 = 136. There are 168 hours in a week. ( 24 x 7) 168 - 136 = 32. He has about 32 hours of free time per week. That really isn't a whole lot.

When he is already taking art and flash classes, and having to work on it for class projects, do you really think he wants to work on CC in his free time? I know I wouldn't want to.

CC will get done, it just may take a while. So what? Jeff had a lot more free time when he started CC than he does now, so that's why it isn't out yet. Get over it and go find something else to do while you wait.

P.S. For those thinking he released Shadows and Regrets to spite CC fans, it was a class final project.
Not something he randomly decided to do instead of CC. K thanks.