Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekly Update #05

This week I have started my new workflow which aims to tie down animation quicker and more efficiently. I am able to work with Ido more cooperatively in showing accurate visuals of timing and movement. Using this method, changes are easily made as we can add and delete frames in a more timely manner without spending much time tying down poses until they see final color.

Of course, this method doesn't actually speed up the animation process at all. Why? Because I've upped the animation quality yet again. What does that mean for the movie? Basically, now that I'm able to see exactly how a shot is going to look, I can play with the timing and make the characters move more realistically and fluidly, creating a richer viewing experience. More frames = smoother animation and overall raises the bar on production quality which is what I strive to do continually throughout the animation process. It's going to be good.

7-20 - 7-26: 5 hours

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekly Update #04

Not much to report this week. Did some cleanup work for Act 2 which finishes the line work for that specific shot. Still needed is flat color and shading and a background, then it's good to go.

7-13 - 7-19: 2 hours

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekly Update #03

I worked on finalizing the Act 2 storyboard with Ido and did some cleanup work on the shot I've been working on for a long time now.

Week 7-6 - 7-12: 7 hours

I'm going to change up my workflow in hopes of getting things done quicker, or at least make my time more efficient. In the past, I worked on a shot from pencil test to final color and shading. Now, I'm going to finish out Act 2 with pencil tests, which allows for an accurate visual for timing, and then go back after it's all drawn out and do the cleanup work and then finally coloring.

It will be helpful in the sense that Ido and I can go over the pencil tests together and tighten up timing in a much easier fashion. It will also enable him to play more of a directorial part in the production phase. Not to mention, I'll feel a whole lot better when I see some major progress by doing pencil tests for every shot for the rest of the movie. It'll feel like I'll have more accomplished and then possibly get another hand in on the cleanup/coloring phase to speed this everlasting project along.

I'm excited.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekly Update #02

Production is going well. I finally started cleanup work on the the shot that's been worked on forever, soon to be colored and finished. Not much else going on in the way of CC.

Week 6-29 - 7-5: 8 hours 45 mins

Last night, my sister and her friend and my girlfriend and I went to the Jimmy Eat World concert here in Michigan and it was the most amazing show ever. It was a small venue, about 200-300 people attended and we were front row, right in front of the band. My sister and her friend each got guitar picks personally handed to them by the band. It was so awesome.