Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekly Update #06

Lots of progress made this week. The new workflow seems to be very helpful in the development of accurate timing. The Act 2 pencil test has been finished and has received Ido's approval. There were a few things changed in terms of timing and shot composition, but it's good to go. It came to about 13-14 seconds of new animation over the course of 6 shots.

In other news, I'm still finalizing one of the shots with color so I can post a screenshot. Coloring it takes so long because the shot is over 30 hand drawn frames for 2 characters. It may take some time, but giving you guys some eye candy is a high on my to do list.

7-27 - 8-2: 17 hours

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Coriff said...

17 hours??! This shit may actually get done!!