Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekly Update #14

No progress this week either. I ended up upgrading my computer to the fact that I ended up building one. It's a pretty beefy budget system that's great for gaming and working.

Graphics Card:

In the near future I want to get another graphics card to run SLI. The new Adobe CS4 suite utilizes GPUs now so running Flash and Photoshop should be much faster. Not to mention rendering in Maya will take less time.

9-21 - 9-27: 0 hours :(


Designer: Ellie Celt said...

Your computer still isn't beefy as Roberto.

Coriff said...

Two weeks and no update. WE EXPECT RESULTS

saffronrh said...

Really? I didn't know about this blog for the longest time.. I thought you had given up the SonicX: CC project all together! But you kept at it... very impressive! =) Even if you don't finish it for quite awhile, I don't mind. I'm sure everyone will love it, especially for all the hard work you put into it! I give you a 10/10 for that alone.
Good luck with all your school-work and everything! ^^