Monday, June 8, 2009

Act 3 Storyboard Complete

Thanks to the help of my beautiful and talented girlfriend, the remaining scenes have been storyboarded out. Soon, I will create an animatic and time out each shot and make any necessary tweaks with Ido.

Right now, I'm constantly studying for spring classes and don't have much time to sit down and animate. In 3 more weeks, classes will be over and I will have 2 whole entire months with a clear schedule. I'd like to pump out some animation and clean it up and see if I can find someone to do colors for me which would save a crapload of time. I've done everything 100% on my own thus far and I figure it's about time to ask for help so this project sees the light of day. Once fall classes start, CC might take a backseat so we'll see how it goes.


Pearce said...

Progress! Beutiful, sweet, awesome progress! Thank thee Lord!

Eat Rice Crew said...

Act 3 is going to be the best part of the whoooooooooooooole animation. :D I'm not bias or anything.

I was happy to help.


Metalmacher said...

Hey man, I was wondering, if you practically finished some of the acts why not release them, while you work. Taking aside other consequences of doing that, you will most definitely be able to receive help for the rest of the movie.

DarkLinshao said...

First I m Linshao from newgrounds if you remember me i sended you a pm very long ago and today decided check hwo the things where going. I m glad all go okay the wait is worth. Yea stdies take mroe of the time in life but when you fdinish them you feel better. Anyway Congrats for the job and the acts. I think it will come to december maybe half way is what i only supose.At lñast each time is less. Hoping see the aimation best wishes ;o.