Thursday, March 3, 2011

Enter SIMB

This is a near-final composite of SIMB's introduction shot. I spent most of this week cleaning up and coloring this shot. It took a long time but I'm very pleased with how it came out. Down the line, I may tweak pixels but for now, I'm happy with it and moving onto finish up some other stuff.

Here's a view of the timeline and all the glorious keyframes I had to draw and manage:

And here's the pretty movie version:

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W.A.C. said...

Nice animation. That 8 second clip ran pretty smoothly and making a slower paced short film has certainly helped you to improve the overall animation quality for your work. Do you plan on uploading a version to Newgrounds someday? If not, it's understandable due to past circumstances but it would definitely help in giving your current project a lot more exposure and attention. The reception would probably be a lot better than SXCC since you wouldn't have to deal with Sonic haters and dumbasses being all "THIS TOOK FOUR TO SEVEN YEARS?" Also, sorry for being a bit annoying the other day on one of your blog entries. I was just sad about the closure of the forum. >_>