Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life Shouldn't Hurt, Doesn't Hurt, So Badly

CC production on Act 3 is starting to wrap up. Just 4 more shots that need to be completed at this point. Most of the assets for those shots have been put in and colored and all that's left are some animated effects I have to draw in.

In other words, Cosmic Chase production will be finished this week. In the remaining time between now and the release, I'll be doing tweaks to Act 1 to fix the pacing and overall flow to match it with the rest of the movie.

Sonic X: Cosmic Chase will premiere August 9, 2010. Mark your calendars. The 7 year long epic journey will finally come to an end. I've learned a lot during this period and I'm glad it's almost over. Not having CC hanging over my head will be a wonderful feeling. There were times where I loved working on it and other times where I loathed it. It's been a long ride and I thank all of my fans for sticking by me.

It feels real.



SaffronRH said...

Congratulations! =D I hope you feel wonderfully accomplished when this is all over.

Gamerboy said...

Its been a long time coming. Im glad you came this far and didnt give up. :P

Sophia said...

Yay! Its Finally Here!!!!!!
I hope it would be epically amazing!!!!!!!!!
Then again it already is amazing but still
Can't Wait To See It!!!^^

Luke said...