Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Sun is Still Alive Even Though it's Hard to Tell

In just 2 short weeks, Cosmic Chase will be making its long awaited and well-overdue premiere. I am very excited to be able to release this movie as it serves as a visual journal documenting the past 7 years of my life regarding the journey of learning, practicing, and improving my skills.

The project was originally started to give me something to practice with in my spare time. The more I drew and animated, the better I became. I started in Flash MX2004 (v7) and will be ending with Flash CS4 (v10). My skills have greatly improved because of this project which has shown up in my schoolwork and the stuff I learned in school has been applied to CC.

I won't deny it: there is a quality difference stemming from the beginning of the movie and lasts until the very end. This is not a bad thing. It was already light years ahead of Chaotic Battle when I started the first shot. Each shot improves upon the last, adding new elements and techniques to make it even better. It'd be kinda hard not to improve upon the formula over a span of 7 years.

I've got 2 weeks left before showtime, where's CC at right now? I've been putting in 8-12 hour days tying up loose ends, making tweaks, compositing, editing, and even putting on my old developer's hat and doing some coding for movie functionality. I'm retiming Act 1 right now to speed up the pacing, Act 2 and 3 are pretty much complete, but I make changes as I see fit. I just need to finish timing and a single outstanding shot that I might actually redo from scratch *gasp*, do the credits and call it a wrap. No final file size or running time as of yet. It's a little over 10MB right now so I'll have to send my buddy Tom Fulp a little email over at Newgrounds.

That's basically all the ranting I've got for now. Post production will likely wrap up by the end of this week and I'll have a finished product by this time next week.

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theMaddawg said...

YESSSS!!!! I've literally graduated high school and college waiting for this epic project to be completed. Sometimes I even doubted it would ever be finished, but here we are now in the dawn of the awesome tale that has taken over 7 years to even begin. Can't wait for it.