Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is it

Tomorrow Sonic X: Cosmic Chase will release during the afternoon around 3pm EST.

One more day. I think you guys can handle the wait. I've trained you good.


Airtight Entertainment said...

Will you be posting the link here and will you be uploading it to Newgrounds or youtube first?

Evan Harris said...

I am stoked man I love sonic. Even though this part one it will be awesome and it will be a trilogy!

Jeff said...

@Airtight Entertainment:

I will post the link here after uploading to Newgrounds so expect a blog post around 3PM EST. An HD Youtube version will come some time later.

theunion.unitedwestand said...

OMG only 45 min till its broadcasted to the world I am losing my mind here I remember 4 years ago watching your sonic x cc trailer and with that EPIC song it just blew my freaking mind. I never thought you would finish this project I remember searching long and hard for your blog to find any news I could about if things will continue with this thing and now after all that waiting the day is ACTUALLY TODAY ^_^