Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cosmic Chase Testing is Complete

After hours upon hours of beta testing the movie in different browsers, computers, versions, I've come to the conclusion that the latest flash player version, v10.1.53.64, sucks. It has been the constant factor that has given me problems while viewing the movie. When viewing the movie using this version, it will randomly drop or skip frames making the animation appear choppy or slow. Sure, if you have a slow computer to begin with you may not be concerned with this issue, but for those of us with powerful PCs, this abnormality seems out of place.

For the untrained eye it might not be a big deal, but I know every frame of this movie and when I don't see one, I find out why. There are a few fixes for this if you experience issues and you want to watch Cosmic Chase without a problem.

NOTE: These fixes only apply to flash player v10.1.53.64. All other players I've tested turned out just fine. To find out your flash version, click here.

  1. There is a built in navigational system in the movie. Once it begins, hover your cursor over the bottom of the movie to bring it up. Usually clicking on the emerald will readjust the movie and the frame skipping will go away temporarily.

  2. Downgrade your flash player. From what I can see, the next one down, v10.0.45.2, is your best bet. It's the one I'm currently running and the movie works as intended. To do this, simply visit Archived Flash Player Versions and scroll down and download the flash player 10 archive zip. Inside that you'll find all the releases and simply install the /10r45_2/flashplayer10r45_2_win.exe.

Rigorous Beta Testing

So if you follow those directions if you have any problems, you should be fine. I managed to squeeze the file size down to 9.84 MB so we're still on schedule for the release.


Adam said...

Why can't you release Sonic X Cosmic Chase by tomorrow?

Evan Harris said...

I love the sonic x cosmic chase preview on youtube!!! And I Am sad that I have to wait till next monday